San Juan Hut Systems

What’s it like to spend 6 days riding a mountain bike 215 miles from Durango to Moab on a trip that includes climbing 26,000 vertical feet, crossing the continental divide, passing through high desert country, skirting canyons, and eventually dropping into Moab’s famous Porcupine Single Track Trail? ¬†Watch this video and find out.

Since we posted Go There Media's video on our YouTube channel and on our website with the tagline, "Thinking about riding it?...this will convince you!", the video has been viewed thousands of times and generated lots of interest with our target customer base. It really captures the experience and emotion of what a group of bikers can expect on the six-day, 215-mile mountain bike ride from Durango to Moab.
– Joe Ryan , Founder/Owner, San Juan Huts Systems,