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Getting Your Business On Facebook

You can set up a Facebook Page using your personal profile account or if you only want to have a Page for managing your business you can set up business account to manage your Page (more on setting up a business account later). To set up with a personal account, go to to start […]

Setting Up A Business Presence on Facebook

There are many different social network sites catering to different needs and interests.  YouTube focuses on video sharing, Flickr and Instagram focus on photo sharing, and Twitter focuses on short messaging in real time.  Facebook is a social networking service and website that allows members to create personal profiles, add friends, exchange messages, photo and […]

Other Online Video Sharing Options Besides YouTube

YouTube is clearly the biggest video-sharing site today.  It’s 3 Billion+ monthly visitors account for more than 85% of all U.S. traffic to video sharing sites.  Google Videos has now been incorporated into YouTube.  Microsoft’s Bing Videos is mostly a search engine that index’s video content from other sites including YouTube.  Yahoo’s video site is […]

Using YouTube’s SEO Capabilities

  Once your video is uploaded (and even as it’s uploading), there are actions you can take to increase the likelihood of your video being discovered through the YouTube search engine and other search engines. It’s important to pay close attention to what you put in the title for the video, the description for the […]