Using YouTube’s SEO Capabilities


SEO Actions You Can Take To Increase Viewers of Your Video on YouTube

Once your video is uploaded (and even as it’s uploading), there are actions you can take to increase the likelihood of your video being discovered through the YouTube search engine and other search engines.

It’s important to pay close attention to what you put in the title for the video, the description for the video, and the tags (or key words) that will help viewers find your video and choose to watch it.  Starting with the title, it’s important to choose a compelling title that accurately reflects what the video is about and “hooks” the viewer into wanting to watch the video.  The words chosen for the title, (your title tag),  also have a significant influence in giving your video a higher rank in search engine results. The text in the title can be up to 100 characters (including spaces).  Allowing for spaces, and depending on the length of each word, that would allow for a title of 10 to 15 words.   In the search results only the first 62 characters are displayed so the first few words are the most important in terms of grabbing a viewers’ attention.  For the first part of your title choose the key words that best describe the video and are words someone might put into a search engine who would benefit from seeing your video.  We recommend you use Google’s keyword research tool to see what keywords buyers of your product are using in their searches and try to use those keywords in your title, description and tag list.  ( ).  Since there is less competition for your company or brand name, it should go towards the end of the title.  It also helps to put video in your title since many users type video into the search string when looking for a particular video.

The description of your video can be up to 5,000 characters (equivalent to 750 – 800 words) and is considered to be the meta description tag so it too has an effect on search results.  As a rule of thumb, you should be as descriptive and detailed as possible in your description to maximize the likelihood of your video being found by the right people.  Only the first 140 characters of your description display in the YouTube search results.  It’s important to include some of the key search terms in the first 18 to 20 words for this reason.  You also want to make sure your URL shows up in the first 40 characters.  YouTube only allows you to put an offsite link to your URL in the description so take advantage of this and remember to include http:// to make it clickable.

Finally, you are allowed to include 120 characters in your tags area that become your meta keyword tags.  There is no need to put a comma between words and you can use quotation marks if you want to group certain keyword combinations.  As you are filling out tags, YouTube will make suggestions of other tags you might consider based on the types of keywords are being used in searches that are related to the keywords inputted already.

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