How To Use Facebook Communities To Promote Your Business

Leveraging Communities on Facebook

In addition to setting up Pages, another great way for businesses to engage with prospects and customers on Facebook is to create Groups for people who share interests in a common topic.  In the case of Groups, everyone in the Group is notified when another member of the Group posts or comments so people tend to come back to the Group page often.  Because Groups have more notification activity, you don’t have to do as much as you need to do with a Page to keep people involved.  Once a Group reaches critical mass, the members of the group tend to keep people interested.  One way to build critical mass is to consider using Facebook paid ads to promote your group to potential group members and then once you feel you have critical mass, let the group grow more organically.

People who don’t want the higher level of activity that comes from being part of a Group will tend to leave the Group.  For this reason, Groups will never be as big as the membership fan base a business can create with a Page.  However, the ability to engage with a more active, smaller group creates lots of opportunity for building awareness for your business and getting helpful feedback from customers.   Just like it’s important to engage with Trust Agents on YouTube, it’s also helpful to try to attract members to your Group who are active on Facebook and have a large, trusted following; this will help your business reach a larger audience overtime.

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