A Few Basic Considerations When Considering Twitter For Your Business



Twitter is a free social networking and micro blogging service that allows members to send an instant 140-character message (tweet) to any member who has chosen to follow them.  With close to 500 million users and 100 million + active users, there is a good chance that any business has many customers who are actively following people and businesses on Twitter.  Twitter offers an easy way for businesses to quickly and easily get news into the hands of customers.  A Twitter message might include information about specials and upcoming events, and it can include links to a video you may have recently posted.

Setting up a Twitter account is very straightforward.  After registering on Twitter.com, you can use the Twitter search function to find people and businesses you want to follow.  In order to develop followers for your business, you need to first decide if you want to make the commitment to tweeting about your business on regular basis so followers will be interested in following your business (similar to the commitment you need to make with any type of social media).  The next step is to start promoting your twitter account by adding “Follow Us on Twitter” in your email, on your website, etc.

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