A Few Thoughts On Using Pinterest For Your Business


Pinterest is a relatively new social media platform that is quickly becoming very popular; it now has over 12 million unique visitors each month.  According to the company, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.  By way of example, the platform is very popular with people who are planning weddings, decorating their homes, or planning trips.

It’s a very visual platform that lends itself well to travel businesses who want to share images of their business with others.  Members can “pin” photos, videos, and other visual representations they like and set these images up on various themed boards for followers to see and share.  Participants need to keep in mind that Pinterest is not about “telling”, it’s all about “showing”.

Today you still need to be invited to join the platform but it’s pretty straightforward to go to pinterest.com and place a request to be invited to join.  Once your business becomes a member (it takes a day or two), you can begin to tell your travel story through photos and video as a nice complement to the story you are telling on other social networks.


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