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Go There Media provides digital marketing services to companies and organizations that want to take advantage of video to promote their business to new customers and educate existing customers.  Our services include:

– Creating short, professional quality marketing videos that tell the story of your company or organization in an engaging manner

– Providing advice on how to best distribute video marketing assets in different channels on the Internet including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tripadvisor and other sites that consumers visit in search of video content to inform purchase decisions

– Managing and delivering larger video projects for non-profit and for profit organizations that require video assets to communicate key elements of their organizations to different stakeholders

Go There Media works closely with clients at the start of each project to understand the unique and differentiating aspects of their business.  This understanding is further refined as Go There Media collaborates with clients on the visual, audio, and storyline elements that will be used to create a marketing video that both engages and educates the target viewers the client wants to reach.  Message development, visual content acquisition, audio selections, and editing are all done by the same team ensuring that the final video product is delivered seamlessly, quickly and cost effectively.

Why Video is Critical to Any Online Marketing Strategy

By 2015, it’s expected that 90% of the traffic on the Internet will be video-related.  Online video viewing is increasing across all demographics.  YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine after Google…and the only way to show up on YouTube is to post your videos to the site since its search engine does not crawl other websites.  Today, a website is 50% more likely to show up on the first page of Google search results if the website has video content.  A topic with video is 10 times more likely to show up in the top 10 research results on Google than the same topic with just text.  Because video search results show up with thumbnail images, they also tend to get higher click through rates from the search results page .

Consumers are increasingly turning to rich media (i.e., video) over text-based media because the information tends to be more informative, educational and entertaining.  Video cuts more directly to emotional considerations that have a big role in purchase decisions.  A 3-minute video can convey a tremendous amount of information in a way that the viewer is more likely to remember, especially if the video is presented in an entertaining and engaging fashion.  Also, in a world where social media platforms and user-generated reviews are proliferating and increasingly influencing purchase decisions, every business needs to have quality videos available at the right places in the digital landscape to accurately represent their business.

Finally, video is a tangible and trackable marketing asset.  A short, well-done marketing video can be used over and over, and be distributed through multiple channels including company websites, blogs, video sharing sites, social media sites, email, and live presentations.  Depending on where videos are posted, different analytics are available that provide insights into the number of people who watched the video, where they came from, basic demographic data, how people engaged with the video, etc..  Marketing videos deliver measurable results.

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