Why Every Business Should Have a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the world’s largest and most popular online video communities.  It’s a place for people to connect as well as a distribution platform for content created by users and advertisers.  As mentioned in earlier posts, it’s the world’s second biggest search engine after Google but YouTube does not crawl other websites to […]

How To Make Engaging Videos For the Internet

A successful online marketing video is a video that helps inform consumers and helps move more consumers further down the purchase funnel. Examples of this include: Videos that help build more brand awareness early in the purchase funnel that will later influence purchase choices the consumer will make further down the funnel at a later […]

Travel Marketers Need To Pay Attention to Digital Marketing

With almost universal access to the Internet now available, it’s no secret that the Internet plays an important role in connecting businesses with prospects and existing customers.  Offline media still plays an important role in shaping opinions, building brand awareness, and connecting with customers who may not be heavy Internet users.  However, when it comes […]