Art Workshops By The Sea

Art Workshops By The Sea provides an opportunity for artists of all levels to come together in a unique location to enjoy art together. The founder asked Go There Media to create a video that conveyed both the mission of the company and the unique qualities of Florence, Oregon where the workshops are held.

Make Everyday A Painting Workshops

Effective marketing videos need to both educate and entertain. This was easy to do when helping two award winning watercolor artists create a visually compelling video that highlights what participants can expect from their popular workshops offered all over the world.

Northwest Painting Company

Helping a Seattle-based painting company breakthrough the Internet marketing clutter with a video that educates and succinctly describes what a customer can expect on a well done house painting project.

San Juan Hut Systems

What’s it like to spend 6 days riding a mountain bike 215 miles from Durango to Moab on a trip that includes climbing 26,000 vertical feet, crossing the continental divide, passing through high desert country, skirting canyons, and eventually dropping into Moab’s famous Porcupine Single Track Trail?  Watch this video and find out.

Regenerative Leadership Institute

See what it’s like to learn permaculture principles while helping organic farmers work the land all within the context of a self-contained bike tour through the heart of Oregon’s famous Willamette Valley.  That’s what the Regenerative Leadership Institute uses this video for in multiple Internet channels.

Mountains To Sound Greenway Trust

How do you explain to students what a greenway is and convey to students the importance of conservation?  Go There Media was asked to create a film to do just that for The Greenway Trust, which works with local stakeholders to promote the conservation of connected green spaces between Seattle and Ellensburg, WA

Costanoa Lodge & Resort

Elephant seals, redwood trees, tents bungalows, Douglas Fir cabins and a variety of activities in the natural environment are all part of the eco adventure experience captured in this short video of Costanoa created by Go There Media

Railroad Park Resort

Want to experience a bit of the life of a railroader while enjoying the comforts of today?  This video created by Go There Media gives potential customers of Railroad Park Resort in Northern California a sense of what to expect from this unique kind of motel experience.